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PAWdicure pack

PawTection protects and prevents cuts, cracks, wounds, and burns that occur from rough terrains and extreme temperatures. Paw Soother heals and soothes rough, cracked, and itchy paws. With the Pawdicure Pack, you get a set of balms to keep at home and a set of travel stick balms, so you can keep Scout happy and healthy wherever you go!

Product benefits & talking points

Talking Points

  • Paw Soother is an ultra hydrating formula moisturizes paws to keep them soft and prevent future injury
  • Paw Soother helps dogs to reduce sliding and slipping on hardwood floors
  • PawTection creates a nourishing protective barrier for all pups’ paw pads
  • PawTection protects against extreme heat or cold including sand, snow, and pavement

Who is the PAWdicure Pack for?

  • Dogs with hyperkeratosis (known as furry paws)
  • Dogs who constantly lick and itchy their paws
  • Dogs who spend a lot of time outdoors, especially on surfaces other than grass
  • Dogs who live in extremely warm or cold environments

Sample captions

"Protect your dog’s paw pads from damaged caused by hot pavement, salty sidewalks, sand, and ice with organic #PawTection. Heal existing damage FAST with #PawSoother. Specially formulated from completely natural and safe ingredients - the results speak for themselves!"

"Lovin’ this PAWdicure pack from @naturalDogCompany! Their #PawTection is great to apply before going out in harsh conditions to guard against damage, drying, and cracking. #PawSoother is made from natural butters that work fast to heal paws, making them smooth & healthy again! 100% natural and safe for your pupper <3"

Sample photos

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