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How old is your dog?

Puppy (up to 12mos)
Adult (1-7yrs)
Senior (7yrs +)

What is your dog’s worst problem area?

Skin & Coat
Face Folds
Joints & Mobility
Behavior & Mood

What is your primary skin & coat #goal for your dog?

Soft & Silky
Healthy & Moisturized
Shiny & Glossy
Luster & Pigmentation

Poor paws! What’s up with your dog’s feet?

Licking paws
Interdigital cysts
Dry paws
Burned or cut pads

Ok, now for the fun stuff!

Which of the following activities would your dog choose to fill the afternoon?

A rousing game of fetch
Snuggling on the couch
Hiking through the wilderness
Indoor games like hide-n-seek
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