What To Pack When Traveling With Your Pup

What To Pack When Traveling With Your Pup

What To Pack When Traveling With Your Pup

Traveling with your pup—yahoo, how exciting! But first, what do you need to pack for your four-legged travel companion? He doesn’t need sunglasses or numerous pairs of panties. Dogs are simple compared to us, with our overloaded carry-ons and barely-zipped luggage. That’s not to say your dog needs nothing. Here are 10 essential items you don’t want to forget when traveling with your pup.

1. A Leash

Some regions have leash laws, so even if your dog doesn’t usually go on a leash you should still bring one. Plus, it’s always best to play it safe in an unfamiliar location.

traveling with your pup2. Pet Identification

Secure an ID tag on your dog’s collar to be worn at all times. On the off chance your dog gets lost in a foreign location, this tag could change the outcome and reunite you both. Tags should be marked with a number you can be reached at while traveling.

3. Doggy Sunscreen

If you’re going somewhere sunny you remember to pack your sunscreen; don’t forget to pack something to protect your pup’s skin too! All natural Skin Soother provides natural SPF, as well as windburn prevention, and protection against extreme weather conditions. Sometimes, your pup’s skin will act different in an unknown climate. Skin Soother doubles as a soothing ointment for dry, chapped, cracked or irritated skin. With one compact tin of Skin Soother, you can protect your pup in numerous ways.

Skin Soother comes in travel size!

4. Travel Carrier

If you’re traveling with your dog by air, it is mandatory that they go inside of a carrier. You might need a carrier for other reasons while traveling, so it’s best to bring one with you. Don’t forget little food and water dishes that’ll fit inside of the carrier. Make your dog’s carrier cozier by adding blankets, towels, your pet’s favorite toys, etc.

5. Paw Protection

Traveling to new places sometimes means walking across unexpected surfaces, like ultra-hot asphalt, sandy beaches, or icy pavement. If you bring some form of paw protection, your pup remains safe no matter what. PawTection is the perfect thing to pack when traveling with your pup. It easily glides over paws and provides a barrier against hot and abrasive surfaces. It also protects paws from harsh elements, like deicers, and reduces the effects of contact allergens, like mold, pollen, etc.traveling with your pup

PawTection comes in travel size!

6. Health Certificates & Proof of Rabies Vaccination

If you are traveling across national borders, you may need a health certificate or proof of rabies vaccination. Check with your destination’s health department to uncover everything you need ahead of time.

Some states impose breed restrictions, check ahead of time to ensure your dog is welcome.

7. Comforts From Home

A beloved chew toy or your dog’s favorite blanket can go a long way to making your dog feel more at home.

8. Poop Bags

The pooping doesn’t end on vacation!

9. Flash Light

Speaking of poop, your dog might have to go potty in the middle of the night. At which point, you’ll be glad you brought a flashlight.

10. Medications

Bring any medications or supplements your dog gets on a regular basis. Even if it’s medication you only use sometimes, bring it in case your dog needs it.

Additional Tips For Traveling With Your Pup:

  • If you are traveling by plane, feed your dog 4-6 hours before takeoff.
  • If you are traveling by car, feed your pet a light meal 2-3 hours before you leave.
  • If your dog hasn’t spent much time in a carrier, start practicing with positive reinforcement before you leave.
  • Make an appointment with your veterinarian at least 1 month before you are scheduled to leave. That should give you enough time to schedule any vaccinations your dog needs regarding the area you are traveling to.