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We are dog experts who care about what goes into and onto your dog. We use high-quality ingredients and work with trusted partners to ensure that dogs get only the good and none of the junk. Our balms are hand-poured by our team and all of our products are made in the USA.

Vet Approved

No product leaves our warehouse for your doorstep without approval and recommendation from Veterinarians that we trust. Every ingredient, every product, every single time.

Free of Toxins

We care about where our ingredients come from. Pesticides, chemically-enhanced fertilizers, and other harmful additives are never a part of our process. Only safe, natural ingredients here!

All Natural

Free of toxins with only all-natural ingredients from our earth. We mean it when we say we use nothing but 100% pure, natural ingredients to formulate products for your pup.

Cruelty Free

Our products are never tested on any laboratory animals. We conduct thorough research on each and every ingredient to ensure they are safe for all dogs.

Have a Question?

As dog owners ourselves, we know that finding products and ingredients you can trust to keep your dog healthy is your top priority. We also know that it’s hard to see through some of the bull💩 some companies put out there. If you have any questions about our ingredients - including how they’re sourced or what we use them for - we’d love to chat!

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