4 Common Household Products That Are Toxic To Your Dog

4 Common Household Products That Are Toxic To Your Dog

4 Common Household Products That Are Toxic To Your Dog

Are everyday household products making your dog sick?

Dogs are sensitive creatures, and many of the everyday household products bring these sensitivities to light. If your dog is allergic to certain household products you may notice that they develop a skin rash, dry dog nose, rough paw pads, and a number of other side effects. In this blog we identify 4 common household products that are toxic to your dog.

1. Lawn and Garden Chemicals

Your dog loves to play outside, but is your backyard really a safe-haven for your four-legged buddy? Fertilizers, weed repellents, and pesticides are commonly sprayed in yards, but the chemicals used in these products can be highly toxic to your dog.


Keep your dog protected from lawn and garden chemicals so that they can fully enjoy playing outdoors.

Some pesticide companies claim to use ‘natural’ ingredients, but do your research before you trust any labels. One ingredient to look out for is permethrin, which has been identified as a potential carcinogen if ingested. We mention this particular ingredient because some pesticide companies claim permethrin is ‘all natural’ and safe for pets because permethrin imitates natural extracts from the chrysanthemum flower. Permethrin is also used in some tick and flea medications for dogs, which has caused a great deal of recent controversy.

Permethrin isn’t the only chemical to look out for, that’s why it’s so important to do your research before using any lawn and garden chemicals. If your yard is regularly sprayed with pesticides your dog is likely to consume these chemicals. Just think, all it takes is a ball rolling into a recently sprayed corner. When your dog puts this toy in their mouth they consume a potentially toxic substance that could spark the development of canine cancer or other serious health problems.

2. Toxic Cleaning Products

Natural cleaning products are the way to go. If you take a peek at the labels on the cleaning products in your cabinets you might be surprised to read labels that warn, “hazardous to humans and domestic animals.” Manufacturers admit the average popular household cleaner contains 62 toxic chemicals. In small amounts there is little risk, but a build up of these chemicals can lead to serious harm.


“My mom used toxic cleaners again.. and I don’t like the way my paws taste or feel today.”

If you clean on a regular basis you and your furry friends are being exposed to these toxins over and over. This is even worse news for your dog as they walk across and sleep on freshly cleaned surfaces, allowing the chemicals to make direct contact with their paws and coat.

Since dogs constantly lick themselves they eventually ingest these toxins. Many canine cancer researchers agree this could be one reason why canine cancer rates are so high. Vinegar and water can deep clean a space just as good as toxic cleaners loaded with ingredients that are hard, if not impossible, to pronounce.

3. Deicing Salts

Deicers are something to look out for if you live in a snowy climate. De-icing salts attach to your dog’s paws while they are out for a walk, creating irritation. As a result, when your dog gets home the first thing they want to do is lick at their paws, thus causing internal irritation as well. As soon as you get back from a walk through the snow make sure to carefully wash your dog’s paws before they have a chance to lick.

Using PawTector as an all-natural, non-invasive barrier cream will also help protect your dog from outdoor elements, including deicing salts.

4. Scented Lotions


A smooth, moist dog nose is a must, but avoid using lotions made for humans to treat dry dog noses.

Many of our clients have used lotion in the past to treat dry, crusty dog noses only to find out this makes their dog’s nose even worse. Reading the ingredients on the back of your rose-scented lotion will prove just how many different substances are used to create one bottle of lotion. Scented lotions and perfumes can actually burn your dog’s sensitive skin, and worsen any issues they are already experiencing.

If your dog has a dry nose don’t use human products to try and relieve their discomfort. Instead, stick to all-natural products made to heal and protect dog noses.

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