Senior Dogs Rock!

Senior Dogs Rock!

Senior Dogs Rock!

Meet Chubbs the Wampug and all of her Happy Hairs; this adorable little lady is a member of our Celebrity Pack!

I’m just a simple pug trying to make my way through the universe! I am best known for my Wampa costume, aka “The Wampug”. A picture of me wearing this costume went viral on the Internet turning me into an overnight celebrity dog.


Although my little pug nose has remained perfectly unchanged, this photo comparison shows how much my coat’s color has changed over time.

Let’s start at the beginning. My name? Well see, it’s sort of a long story— it was originally Viva Las Vegas, or Vegas for short, but somehow Mommy started calling me Chubbs, and by the time I was two, Chubbs was my official name. Now don’t go thinking my name has anything to do with my physique, I’m a very good-looking dog, I just, I like to eat! Born in Tucson, Arizona with a coat of shinny black fur, I was lucky to find my forever home when I was only 5 weeks old. It’s been nonstop fun ever since, like the time I spend as the mascot for Stockton Hill Animal Hospital. Now those are some wild times—I have to work extra hard to keep the cats in line around there! Almost equally as fun, are all of the days I play dress-up, allowing Mommy and Daddy to go crazy over how cute I look in their custom creations. What dog would ever grow tired of it all? I live the good life, begging for snackies, barking at (and if I’m lucky, chasing) big horses or other dogs that invade our home through the TV, but above all else, my most important job, the one that brings me the most pride, is keeping my pack and our territory safe and sound.

As they say, everyone has problems, and one day even I discovered I had an issue of my own. I noticed it one afternoon, the grimace on Mommy’s normally sunny face, as she sat puzzled looking at my fur, then back at old pictures. When I passed by the mirror, I saw what had her frazzled. I was changing colors!! Over time, it continued until I was sure I’d someday have an all white coat instead of a black coat. While I didn’t really mind changing colors, Mommy didn’t seem happy about it. I knew for certain that she wasn’t a fan of the white after I caught her asking Daddy to Photoshop out my white hairs! I just didn’t understand why— and neither did Daddy, and so he asked her. At that moment we both realized what I never would have thought up on my own, “Chubbs looks like she’s getting old.” She admitted with a sad sigh.


As you can see in the photo above, taken of me at 10 years old, I am a VERY VERY happy pug with lots and lots of Happy Hairs!!

I sure didn’t feel old, what’s ‘old’ anyways? For a few seconds I started to feel what must be sadness, when Daddy came to the rescue, as he likes to do—did I mention he’s my hero? Anyways, Daddy explained that all of the fun I had been having throughout the years had made me a very happy girl, and that in return for all these good memories I needed something to prove that I lived in and enjoyed so many moments. Every white hair that grows in my coat, he said, that’s the proof of a happy life. The more fun I have in the future, the more white hairs I will grow; that’s why, he explained, I didn’t have white, old hairs, I had Happy Hairs! Daddy and I were both watching Mommy’s face this whole time. I was practically holding my breath until I saw a smile tug at her lips, the sparkle in her eyes reappearing. “You’re right!” She exclaimed, grabbing me up tight into her arms, “The more white hairs Chubbs has, the happier she is! Oh Chubbs!” She cried, “I love your Happy Hairs!”

Now something that doesn’t make me so happy is a dry, crusty, or chapped nose. For years my Mom would come at with me all sorts of wet towels and dishcloths, I’d tug my neck back in protest but her strong hands held firm as she uncomfortably rubbed at my sensitive dog nose. No more, I would tell her with my eyes. “I know Chubbs.” She would say, but still it happened again and again. Then, one day Mommy said she was going to try something new. Within seconds something soft and cool had been spread across my nose, but I didn’t feel like squirming back in protest, whatever Mommy was doing to my sore pug nose actually felt soothing and good!


Here I am again, looking cute! All I have to say is Snout Soother is the best stuff ever for a chapped, crusty, or cracked pug nose!

Turns out whenever my nose gets full of those thickened bits, the ones Mommy used to scrub at to no avail, all I need is Snout Soother, and within days my nose is back to beautiful. Plus, I don’t have to deal with the uncomfortable cleaning I used to endure only because I do love my Mommy, and being that she’s a Vet I know fighting her off would be counterproductive to my wellbeing. Snout Soother is the best thing ever for little pug noses! So thanks Natural Dog Company for making my dog nose look and feel great— Hey is that a snackie? Got to go!


Chubbs the Wampug

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