Introducing: Wrinkle Balm!

Introducing: Wrinkle Balm!

Introducing: Wrinkle Balm!

You know you love them…the sweet, funny faced breeds that are resplendent with wrinkles. What’s cuter than a baby French or English Bulldog with droopy eyes and a button nose? Or a Shar Pei pshutterstock_177101492_webuppyface enveloped in ample soft, fluffy skin? Those beautiful folds make our furbabies very appealing…but they come with a cost. Most people are unaware that these beautiful skin folds can cause a myriad of painful, potentially dangerous conditions for our dogs! Worse than that, the products that have been available to treat and prevent skin fold conditions are made with harsh, dangerous chemicals that are unsafe to use on our pets, and potentially fatal if ingested.

Skin fold dermatitis is the most common skin malady seen in wrinkled breed dogs. The symptoms of skin fold dermatitis include loss of hair in the area, general redness and inflammation, and malodor. If not treated soon, skin fold dermatitis will escalate to a much more painful infection called Pyoderma, which literally means “pus in the skin.” Dogs with Pyoderma suffer from all the skin fold dermatitis symptoms, but also have pus filled papules that form on the surface of the skin. Pyoderma is often characterized by scaling on the skin in a rounded pattern as well.

DogNoseRopeThe compact facial structure of most bulldogs, Shar Peis, Pugs and many other “short snouted” breeds causes excess skin to be present around the face. In addition, many of these breeds suffer from abnormal tail bone growth resulting in excess folds around the tail, and short stubby legs and feet lead to folds around the toes. When the dog moves, the skin folds rub against one another causing chafing, irritation and inflammation. Due to moisture retention and lack of aeration, these areas are prime for the growth of yeast, fungus and bacteria. What started out as a mild irritation can quickly become a real medical problem if not treated quickly and properly.

Enter Wrinkle Balm…Natural Dog Company’s latest patent pending product that treats and prevents skin fold problems – 100% naturally!

Wrinkle Balm is specially formulated to treat and prevent skin problems that are common in wrinkled breeds. Organic and all-natural, Wrinkle Balm is jam packed with carefully selected, gentle yet powerful, botanical extracts that will eradicate yeast, bacteria and smelly crusty buildup. Customers have literally exclaimed “no more stinky face!” with extreme gratitude. Because it was formulated with facial application in mind, Wrinkle Balm is gentle enough to use around the nose and eyes, and completely fragrance free.

Dogs should not be living with painful skin issues – especially maladies that can be treated easily without an expensive trip to the vet! When used as directed, Wrinkle Balm will heal your dog’s discomfort and prevent any future infections…and as a bonus for you…eliminate the smell!