The Safest All-Natural Dog Chew: Introducing Himalayan Gnawers

The Safest All-Natural Dog Chew: Introducing Himalayan Gnawers

The Safest All-Natural Dog Chew: Introducing Himalayan Gnawers

Does furry BFF have a favorite all-natural dog chew? Have you ever read the ingredients on the back of the label or stopped to consider where & how the ingredients are actually sourced?


A couple poisonous residues that may show up in rawhide include arsenic and formaldehyde.

Dog chew toys are great for promoting dental health, reducing boredom and anxiety and preventing your dog from chewing on other things… like your new handbag or favorite furry slippers. However…mass produced dog chews are overloaded with unhealthy, poorly sourced ingredients that could potentially harm your precious pup.

If a dog chew contains animal products, including meat, bones or dairy, chances are the animals used to create it were treated inhumanely and may have even been diseased at the tie of death. Not only is this bad for the poor animals used to produce the product, but it could also cause harm to your dog’s health.

Imagine your dog sinking its teeth into a 100% natural cheese chew that’s just as healthy as it is tasty? Natural Dog Company is thrilled to announce the long-needed alternative to unhealthy dog chews: Himalayan Gnawers™.

Ingredients Matter: What’s In Your Dog’s Chew?


Just because the label on a particular dog chew says it is good for your dog doesn’t mean it actually is. In fact, you need to read the ingredients and know where they come from in order to identify if it is good or not. We make it simple by putting animals first over profit.

Each Himalayan Gnawer is packed with 100% natural ingredients that are high in protein and healthy fats. We never use cheap fillers. Our unique Gnawers are developed from well treated, free-range animals that have NOT been subjected to unhealthy hormones, antibiotics, chemicals or GMO feeds.

When you purchase a Himalayan Gnawer from Natural Dog Company you can rest assured that your furbaby will enjoy a healthy, delicious and beneficial chew that is completely free of chemicals and unhealthy fillers like grain, gluten, artificial flavors and dyes. These artificial ingredients have been found harmful to dogs with the potential to increase the risk for developing certain types of canine cancer.

Benefits Of Natural Dog Chews

Chewing is a natural act for dogs, something they crave to do… which is why they eat so many pairs of shoes, underpants and other odd things. It’s disappointing to see your favorite slippers torn to shreds, but even worse it could cause choking, digestive blocks and other health problems for your dog. Himalayan Gnawers grant your dog the opportunity to exercise their love of chewing while providing ample benefits.


Next time lets go with the large Himalayan Gnawer…

Your pup will love chewing on one of these delicious natural chew treats. Plus, in the process they actively improve dental hygiene and overall health. Your dog doesn’t brush and floss his teeth every single night, but chewing a Himalayan Gnawer naturally helps reduce tartar and plaque buildup while strengthening teeth.

Our affordably priced Gnawers come in 3 different sizes to accommodate small, medium and large dogs. No matter how big or small your dog may be, he or she is sure to love these delicious long-lasting chew toys.

Not only will your canine go doggone crazy for them, but you will too! One chew can keep your dog entertained for hours without leaving behind any icky residue or stains on your floors or furniture. Every last morsel of a Himalayan Gnawer is edible and easy to digest so that nothing goes to waste. And trust us… your dog isn’t going to let one little crumb slip beneath the radar. Once your pup chews the Gnawer down to one tiny end piece, pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds. After it cools down your dog will enjoy a tasty, crunchy treat!

The #1 Safe, Delicious & Natural Dog Chew

According to dogs all over the planet, our natural Himalayan Gnawers deserve a standing bark! See the look of love light up your dog’s face when they sink their teeth into the best all-natural dog chew around.

Made in small batches and handcrafted with love, try our delicious and 100% natural Himalayan Gnawers today!