PawTection vs Paw Soother: What's Best for Your Pup

PawTection vs Paw Soother: What's Best for Your Pup

PawTection vs Paw Soother: What's Best for Your Pup

No surprises here: being a pet parent is a big responsibility. There are so many aspects to a dog’s well being— from heart health to a shiny coat— keeping up with Fido’s maintenance routine requires both prevention and intervention methods. You may be wondering, “does the same apply to my pup’s paws?” Paw health is a vital component of your canine companion’s overall well-being. If you’re trying to decide which Natural Dog Company healing balm would be best for your furry companion, let’s break it down!

Protect & Prevent with PawTection

If you’re looking to protect your pup’s paws from potential damage, PawTection is the balm for you! Because PawTection is a natural wax blend, it provides a protective and nourishing barrier for paw pads. PawTection is most beneficial when used before a lot of activity and/or exposure to extreme climates and terrains, as a preventative treatment.

Activity levels

Facts are facts: dogs thrive when they’re active. Whether it’s a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood, a challenging mountain hike, or backyard agility training, every doggo benefits from regular exercise, however, with outdoor activity and play comes natural wear and tear to your pup’s paw pads. If you want to keep Fido’s paws protected during his romps, simply apply a layer of PawTection to each of his paws to minimize scratchy paw pads and general wear and tear.

pawtection testimonial before and after healed paw padsExtreme climates and terrains

Dogs are pretty tough, but their paw pads are naturally sensitive and are meant to remain soft. It’s important to remember that Mother Nature can take a toll on your canine companion. Think of it this way: if the weather outside is uncomfortable for you, it’s probably uncomfortable for your furry friend as well!

During the winter, freezing temperatures and snow can cause frostbite, ice can cut paw pads, and salted roads can scratch paws and expose dogs to deicing chemicals and toxins.

Summertime heeds seasonal irritants and chemicals like pollen and fertilizers, while hot temperatures mean sizzling sidewalks that can burn and blister your dog’s paw pads. Of course, you want a happy and healthy pup, but harsh elements and extreme conditions can cause serious damage.

By applying PawTection before going outside, you can nourish and protect your pup’s paws while preventing a trip to the vet!

Heal & Soothe with Paw Soother

Does your furry friend have paw woes? Dry, cracked, even hairy and itchy paws can cause some serious disruption to playtime. Paw Soother will help to heal paw damage and soothe pain and irritation! Let’s break down a few paw issues that your pup may be experiencing and why all-natural products are the perfect solution.

Rough or cracked paws

If Fido has dry, scratchy paw pads, fear not! It is entirely normal for dogs’ paws to become rough over time, but they aren’t supposed to stay that way. Paw Soother’s natural butter blend with Vitamin E is ideal for moisturizing dry paw pads, while Calendula Extract gently soothes and softens irritated or cracked skin.


Is your dog licking or biting his paws more than usual? Allergies are likely the culprit in this case. If the licking or gnawing becomes excessive, more significant issues like abrasions or yeast infections can arise, so it’s crucial to take action quickly if you see your pup licking his paws. Paw Soother’s combination of anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and soothing ingredients are perfect for managing allergies that could be bothering your cuddly canine.

Hyperkeratosispaw soother to protect dog paws

Hyperkeratosis is a condition that causes dogs’ paws to get thick and crusty, oftentimes looking like a layer of fuzzy hair is growing on their paw pads. It is caused by an overproduction of keratin and is generally the symptom of a more serious condition. There is no known cure for hyperkeratosis, but Paw Soother’s powerful ingredients quickly go to work to heal and moisturize paw pads, minimizing symptoms and making your pup more comfortable.

Cuts, scrapes, and scars

No matter how proactive you are about caring for your dog, ruff happens! If your pup gets a cut on his paw or paw pad, Paw Soother is here to help. Its healing and disinfecting properties are gentle enough to use on a wound, while the moisturizing and antioxidant ingredients are strong enough to eliminate visible scars.

Consistent Paw Maintenance = A Healthy, Happy Pup

Paw health is essential to the overall well-being of dogs. Having healthy paws means that your pup has the support they need when exercising, as well as extra cushion to support their bones and joints. Fido can’t do it alone, so it is up to you to protect and maintain their paws!

Try to make a habit of regularly checking your pup’s paws for cuts, cracks, swelling, and sticks, or burns. Having PawTection and Paw Soother on hand is a super simple and effective way to maintain a pawfect routine.

An easy way to remember which one to use? PawTection before going outside and PawSoother before bed.

Before you know it, your dog will be thrilled and thriving with his healthy paws, and you can sleep easy knowing that your canine companion isn’t struggling with pain or infections! And a bonus for your pup? He’ll feel spoiled silly from his pawdicures and massages, which means more cuddles and kisses for you!

Prevention & intervention with Natural Dog Company healing balms for the win!

So, have you identified which product is best for your pup? Awesome! While PawTection is used to prevent damage and Paw Soother is used to heal existing damage, when bundled together your dog will be unstoppable!

Pawdicure pack PawTection and Paw Soother healing balms for dogs

Both of these balms produce wonderful results on their own, but their collaborative qualities are second to none! Using PawTection and Paw Soother will have your pup living his happiest, healthiest life while giving you the peace of mind that you deserve!