Skin Products For Your Dog: What Ingredients To Look For And Avoid

Skin Products For Your Dog: What Ingredients To Look For And Avoid

Skin Products For Your Dog: What Ingredients To Look For And Avoid

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The appearance of your dog’s skin is an indication of his or her overall health and wellbeing. Dog skin problems can be a result of certain irritants or a larger underlying issue. If your dog has skin problems you may notice they lick, chew and scratch at the affected area(s), a habit that tends to make the problem worse.

It’s so important to use the right skin products for dogs with skin-related issues because they are sensitive. Using the wrong dog skin products can cause problems to worsen, or spark new issues. All dog breeds are susceptible to irritating skin problems, meaning you should always carefully look over the listed ingredients before using a product.

You might be surprised to find out many popular skin products for dogs actually contain toxic, and potentially harmful ingredients. Not only does this threaten your dog’s skin, but it can also harm their sensitive insides. Your dog is likely to lick at an area immediately after you apply a skin product, therefore ingredients should be all natural and safe for your dog to consume.

Dog Skin Product Ingredients To Avoid

Skin products made for humans are usually unsafe for dogs, but just because a product is listed for dogs doesn’t mean it is safe either. Reading the label is helpful, but only if you know what you are looking for. compiled a list of the most toxic ingredients often found in dog skin products so that you know what to look for when reading labels.

Common Toxic Chemicals Used In Dog Skin Products:

Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS) or Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate (SLES)

causes of dog skin problems

The ASPCA lists these factors as the most common causes of dog skin problems

SLS and SLES are commonly found in both dog and human shampoos, as they act as a cheap foaming agent. These fillers are completely unnecessary and have been proven to cause irritation of eyes and skin for both dogs and humans.

Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA)

The National Institutes of Health as well as the U.S. National Toxicology Program have identified BHA as “reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen.” BHA is added to dog skin products in order to extend the shelf life of the product, but it’s not good for you or your dog.

Synthetic Fragrances

Synthetic fragrances are added to so many products for both humans and pets. While you and I enjoy the faux scent of roses, your dog doesn’t appreciate it. According to a 1986 report by the National Academy of Sciences, 95% of chemicals used to formulate synthetic fragrances are petroleum based and include benzene derivatives, aldehydes, as well as a number of other known toxins related to cancer, central nervous system disorders, allergic reactions and birth defects.


Always read the ingredients to avoid using toxic substances on your precious pup!

Other Common Toxic Ingredients To Avoid In Skin Products For Dogs:

・Artificial colors
・Benzalkonium Chloride
・Benzethonium Chloride
・Propylene Glycol
・Mineral Oil
・Sodium Hydroxide

Ingredients To Seek Out In Dog Skin Products

shutterstock_74304163When searching for a non-toxic dog skin product you want to seek out natural ingredients you are familiar with. Less is more, and a never-ending list of ingredients that are unfamiliar and difficult to pronounce usually points towards toxic. A great tip is to Google all of the listed ingredients in order to learn more about each individual ingredient.

Organic, natural and vegan dog products are all buzz words to seek out, but you should always read the ingredients to ensure a product is really what it claims to be. Coconut oil, sweet almond oil, natural vitamin E, and other plant-based materials are ideal. These types of ingredients are safe for your dog’s skin, and also A-Okay for your dog to lick. Plus, they are proven to soothe, moisturize and improve the overall appearance of your dog’s skin.

Natural Dog Skin Products You Can Count On

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