Dog Pad Moisturizer: How To Mend Scratchy Dog Paws & What Causes Them In The First Place?

Dog Pad Moisturizer: How To Mend Scratchy Dog Paws & What Causes Them In The First Place?

Dog Pad Moisturizer: How To Mend Scratchy Dog Paws & What Causes Them In The First Place?

Is your furry pal in need of dog pad moisturizer? The answer is more than likely yes if your dog’s paw pads feel scratchy or rough to the touch. Think about your feet, when your soles get rough and start catching on the sheets – you apply lotion. Your dog’s rough paws may be more cause for concern; common causes of dry dog paws are different than dry human feet. Dry and rough paw pads are often caused by exposures to certain toxins and underlying allergies, not just lack of moisture.

Causes Of Rough & Scratchy Dog Paws

  • Irritation from certain chemicals or toxins
    • Anything from garden sprays to carpet cleaners and deicers could be the culprit. Since dogs tend to chew on irritated paws they end up ingesting whatever chemicals they come into contact with, which is pretty scary if you think about it.
  • Allergies, dog allergies commonly cause itching of the skin, ears and paw pads.
  • Hyperkeratosis, especially in older dogs
  • Regular exercise or play on rough surfaces, hot asphalt, ice, sand, etc.

Treatment For Rough Scratchy Paws: The All Natural Dog Pad Moisturizer

Dog pad moisturizer can be used to help heal scratchy paws, but only if it’s packed with the right ingredients. After all, dry dog pads tend to be caused by more pressing things than just a lack of moisture. Paw Soother is an all natural yet effective way to treat and heal all types of rough, dry paw pads while providing an essential dog pad moisturizer.

Paw Soother naturally soothes and treats:

  • Dry, chapped, rough dog paw pads
  • Peeling or cracking paws
  • Hyperkeratosis of the paw
  • Allergies

The best treatment measures used in conjunction with Paw Soother vary based upon the cause of scratchy paw pads. For instance, if you use any chemicals in your yard or when cleaning your interior floors, consider switching to less harsh eco-friendly products for at least a couple months. Through trial and error you can uncover what irritates your dog’s paws.

When your dog’s paws are dry and irritated they just can’t help themselves… they MUST lick, and lick they will. Even some of the smartest dogs will lick until they create infected wounds. In order to help treat even the most severely irritated dog paws, we added natural ingredients with antibacterial and antifungal properties. We also carefully source every last ingredient in order to ensure it is safe for your dog to ingest. For more severe wounds, including fungal and yeast infections, we strongly recommend our all-natural Skin Soother.

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Paw Soother is great for healing existing damage, but how can you prevent it? PawTection, an organic balm made from natural waxes and oils, helps protect against extreme weather conditions and harsh ground surfaces. The ingredients help form a nourishing barrier on your dog’s paw pad to guard against damage caused by the elements. This barrier also helps to prevent drying by locking in moisture.

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