How to Heal a Crusty Dog Nose

How to Heal a Crusty Dog Nose

How to Heal a Crusty Dog Nose

A crusty dog nose is not only unsightly, it can also be pretty uncomfortable or even downright painful for your dog! A crusty, dry, dog nose can also signal some serious underlying health conditions, as well as affect your dog’s sense of smell. Don’t ignore that geode nose any longer!

Is your dog’s nose a natural wonder?

That’s a trick question: all dog noses are a wonder of nature! Dogs can use their moist noses to detect bombs, missing people, even bed bugs, but a dry, crusty nose just won’t get the job done.

Bulldog nose showing crusty hyperkeratosis growths

This English Bulldog has nasal hyperkeratosis, which can be very painful but is easily solved with Snout Soother.

We’ve seen quite a collection of crusty, crystalline dog noses over the years, some of which look like they belong in a gem museum. But these crusty dog noses are no joke—dogs with hard, hair-like growths on their noses or paw pads may be suffering from canine hyperkeratosis! This skin condition can be a symptom of underlying health issues and should be checked out by your vet.

What else can cause a crusty dog nose?

Many types of otherwise healthy dogs can suffer from chronic dry nose, especially brachycephalic breeds (flat-faced dogs like bulldogs, pugs, and boxers) who cannot adequately lick their noses. Dry and crusty dog noses can also be caused by allergic reactions and environmental factors, so it’s important to first pinpoint the cause of your dog’s dry nose.

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How to treat a dog’s crusty nose

No matter your dog’s breed or age, a crusty nose can be cured with Snout Soother! A powerhouse of natural ingredients work together to heal and restore a healthy, wet nose. Our organic nose balm is a proven solution to many causes of dry dog noses, including:

  • Dry, chapped nose
  • Crusty/cracked nose
  • Dog nose hyperkeratosis
  • Windburn (prevention)
  • Sunburn (also offers natural sunscreen)
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Discoid lupus
  • Dryness/other issues commonly associated with brachycephalic breeds

Snout Soother should be applied anytime your pup’s nose starts looking dry or chapped to keep their delicate nose moist and in tip-top smelling shape.

If your pup is already dealing with a crusty nose, go slowly and gently with application as their nose is likely very sensitive to the touch. You may want to introduce them to the nose balm gradually, aided by plenty of treats!

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“Mack’s nose looks fabulous after Snout Soother!”

Snout Soother gets to work right away to restore your dog’s smooth, moist nose, it even exfoliates the crusty buildup so that new nose skin can regenerate. Just take it from Mack’s mom, Sue from Wisconsin:

American Bulldog with crusty nose buildup

Mack’s poor geode nose before trying Snout Soother.

We rescued our 5 year old American Bulldog, Mack, last Labor Day weekend and he has always had a dry and crusty nose. My daughter found Snout Soother online and said we had to try it.

After only a few days, the crusty areas had slowly fallen off and my dog’s nose looks fabulous! Even though he did lick his nose after every application (he seems to like the taste), this did not deter the product from working and he now has a nose like a puppy! Before Snout Soother, his nose seemed painful and he didn’t like you to touch it, but now it has healed and is so much better!

Thanks Natural Dog Company for a fabulous product! Snout Soother is amazing! — Sue Dahmen

American Bulldog with smooth, healthy nose

Mack’s lovely, moist nose after only a few days using Snout Soother!

When to see the vet about a crusty dog nose

When is a dog nose so dry and crusty that it’s cause for concern? If your dog’s dry nose is accompanied by other symptoms, such as cracking, bleeding, or changes in mood or behavior, you should see your veterinarian as soon as possible. These symptoms warrant a vet visit:

  • Your dog’s nose is producing colored and/or thick discharge
  • Your dog’s nose is bleeding
  • There are lumps or bumps
  • The nose is excessively cracking
  • Your dog won’t stop scratching, licking or rubbing at their nose
  • Your dog’s personality, mood or demeanor has changed

Snout Soother speeds crusty nose healing

Because it’s all natural, this balm can be used alongside medications and other suggestions from your vet. Many customers have turned to Snout Soother after seeing limited results with traditional pharmaceuticals. Take it from Shorts’ dad, Matt:

Collage showing Boxer's crusty nose healed with Snout Soother

Shorts developed a dry, crusty nose that wasn’t fixed with the saline solution the vet suggested. We decided to try Snout Soother (as we already use Skin Soother for his itchy skin, due to allergies).

We weren’t sure what to expect but we’re thrilled with the results! His nose has healed and we only need to use a little bit to maintain the health of it. Will continue to recommend this product to anyone who might need it. Shorts says thank you, Natural Dog Company! — Matt Failla

Dogs of all sizes, breeds, and ages can benefit from Snout Soother! Just watch this Pomeranian mix’s amazing transformation:

Pomeranian's crusty nose cured with Snout Soother

Thanks for this wonderful product! These photos are just a week apart from each other after I started to use the Snout Soother on Han. Since we rescued him in 2010 he’s had this dry crusty buildup on the top of his nose. Occasionally it would peel off and he was very sensitive with his nose.

After the first few days the Snout Soother started to show results and his nose is shinier as well. It was really worth the buy, thanks again! — Allison Davis

Treat even the crustiest dog nose with Snout Soother!

Remember the geologic wonder of a nose from the top of this post? It belongs to a Boxer named Xena, and we’ll leave you with her shiny new nose and some words from her mom, Angela:

Healthy, moist dog nose

Xena’s crusty nose is healing after only a week using Snout Soother!

Xena’s nose started crackling about nine months ago. You can see in the before picture how dry and gross it looked. Hair was stuck in it, and seemed to grow a layer upon layer of crackling hard crustiness.

I stumbled upon your website one day and read review after review of how great Snout Soother worked. I really didn’t believe it would work, and especially not in ‘days’, but ordered some anyway. Actually the only reason I bought it was that I Googled the Snout Soother and couldn’t find one single negative complaint anywhere on the internet.

Well here we are seven days later. Just look at that pretty, shiny, black nose. It’s actually moist, she seriously has a spark back in her face and I’m astonished. I saw improvement after 24 hours but was discouraged because she licked so much of it off right as I applied Snout Soother. I applied it two or three times a day for the first five days and she licked a great deal of it off each time. I guess enough is soaking into the crevices of the nose that it is still doing its job.

It’s just amazing; I am thrilled. I have slacked down to one time a day and Snout Soother still seems to be working great. I will happily put a dash of this wonder salve on her nose every morning for the rest of her life if that’s what it takes to keep her nose looking that great. I believe this is the first product I have ever purchased that really was the miracle cure and not a scam.

Thanks so much for saving Xena’s nose! I am a dog groomer and am actually excited to have a crusty nosed dog walk through the door. I can’t wait for one of clients to experience the same thrill as me! — Angela Stanley

Brindle Boxer with a healthy nose

Xena is very pleased with her new nose, we assure you!