Clean Wrinkles & Skin Folds: How To Keep Your Dog’s Wrinkles Infection-Free

Clean Wrinkles & Skin Folds: How To Keep Your Dog’s Wrinkles Infection-Free

Clean Wrinkles & Skin Folds: How To Keep Your Dog’s Wrinkles Infection-Free

Bulldogs, pugs and other wrinkly-faced pups need extra special care and attention when it comes to maintaining clean wrinkles and keeping skin folds free of infection. Those wrinkles and skin folds are so dang cute, but they provide the perfect spot for bacteria, yeast and other infections to develop. If your dog’s skin appears irritated, red or stinky, chances are his or her wrinkles are already infected.

Infections are uncomfortable and can even impact your dog’s mood and overall wellbeing. They won’t get better on their own. Without proper treatment and continual care the problem will only get worse. The following tips will keep your dog’s wrinkles clean, healthy and free of infection.

#1. Clean Wrinkles & Take Care Of Skin Fold Infections ASAP

If your dog’s skin is infected, cleaning wrinkles alone won’t get rid of the infection. You’ll need to invest in a 100% natural anti-fungal or anti-bacterial balm to combat the infection. You don’t want to use any over the counter human products or anything too harsh as you risk making the problem worse and exposing your dog to unnecessary chemicals.

The Proven Power Of All-Natural Wrinkle Balm

Wrinkle Balm is the perfect all natural solution for even the most sensitive dogs. Each carefully sourced ingredient packed inside is specifically chosen for its gentle, soothing and healing properties. Wrinkle Balm is proven to treat and prevent skin fold dermatitis, yeast and bacterial infections, crusty buildup, itchy and flaky skin, stinky skin and so much more. It is a fantastic preventative that can be applied daily to keep skin folds healthy.

Use Skin Soother As A Long-Term Preventative Measure Against Wrinkle Infections

Skin Soother is another popular option, though is a much stronger formula designed for the toughest cases. Skin Soother heals your dog’s skin from fungus, bacteria, inflammation, bug bites, hot spots, dry skin and more. It is less mild than Wrinkle Balm, so it isn’t recommend for daily application around sensitive areas unless Wrinkle Balm hasn’t been able to completely treat the problem.

Save money by purchasing Wrinkle Balm & Skin Soother as a set!

#2. Clean Wrinkles Every Day

Use a soft damp cloth to wipe between your dog’s wrinkles as much as several times per day. This removes any lingering food particles or other debris that’ll find their way between your dog’s skin folds. Aim to do this after mealtime and/or after your dog plays outside.

#3. Keep Wrinkles As Dry As Possible

After you wash your dog’s wrinkles with a damp clean cloth, it’s so important to dry the area thoroughly. Any moisture left behind will lead to the development of fungus, bacteria and other icky issues. This is the perfect time to apply Wrinkle Balm to folds, keeping them clean and protected from buildup.

How Often Should I Clean Wrinkles?

Wrinkles should be cleaned and dried at least once a day, but some dogs need their wrinkles cleaned as much as several times a day. Frequency is dependent upon your particular dog. Try different things and keep a written record of your dog’s condition to see what works best.

Signs Of Wrinkle Infections

Example of irritated and infected skin folds

Some signs your dog’s wrinkles or skin folds are infected include:

  • A foul odor
  • Red, inflamed or irritated skin
  • Discharge from skin folds

Visit your vet if at-home treatments don’t work relatively quickly to clear up any signs of irritation or infection.

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