Ingredient: Organic Carnauba Wax

Organic Carnauba Wax

Organic Carnauba Wax (Copernicia prunifera)

Organic carnauba wax is also commonly referred to as Brazil wax and even palm wax. It is made from the leaves of the copernicia prunifera palm by drying the leaves, beating them, and then separating the loosened wax. It is then refined and bleached. It is a great ingredient for being able to protect dog paws and relieve dry and painful conditions.

It is comprised of aliphatic esters mostly but also contains fatty acids. What is most distinctive about carnauba wax is the high quantity of diesters in it.

Why Use Organic Carnauba Wax for Dogs

When you’re looking to protect your dog’s paws from dry and potentially painful conditions, you may be looking for all natural products. In fact, that is the best solution because products that are not considered all natural may contain some natural ingredients, but they will be modified with chemicals to provide faster results, though they can often be harmful.

Carnauba wax is an all natural ingredient that is highly effective as a paw protectant because it has strong emollient properties, which means it helps to smooth out and soften skin. That provides comfort and relief to dogs that are dealing with dry, chapped, and even cracked skin on their paws, snout, and elsewhere.

It is a durable wax so that means it will last a long time and hold up under some tough conditions, including heat.

Essential Properties ofΒ Organic Carnauba Wax

There are several grades of carnauba wax, labeled T1, T3, and T4. The labels essentially refer to the purity level of the wax. In order to purify carnauba wax, it goes through filtration, centrifugation, and bleaching.

Carnauba wax is mostly made up of esters, accounting for 40% of its composition. It is nearly insoluble in water and is considered non-toxic and hypoallergenic. This makes it a safe ingredient to be using in a paw protectant.

The Brazilian palm tree from which carnauba wax is known as the β€˜Tree of Life’ and for good reason. It offers some great healing and protective properties and this wax is one of the hardest natural waxes found anywhere in the world.

Carnauba wax dries to a glossy finish and is harder than beeswax, which means careful consideration has to be made with regard to how much is used in a salve, ointment, or cream.

With organic carnauba wax, it is a great way to help smooth the skin and texture of the paws and protect them for the future. With regard to any paw protectant, carnauba wax adds value and offers your dog the ability to feel more comfortable and alleviate some of the pain its paws may be causing at the moment.