PawTection: Essential Dog Paw Protection For The Great Outdoors

PawTection: Essential Dog Paw Protection For The Great Outdoors

PawTection: Essential Dog Paw Protection For The Great Outdoors

Paw protection is adamant to keeping your dog’s paws smooth and healthy if they spend any time outside. Call your dog over now and feel the bottom of his or her paw pads—what do they feel like? Are they soft to the touch or rough and scratchy? Visually inspect their paws; are they a healthy natural color, or showing signs of discoloration, dryness and irritation?

Healthy dog paws should be smooth to the touch and free of redness, abrasions, deep cracks or other signs of irritation. Even if your dog appears happy and healthy, irritated and dry dog paws are uncomfortable and, when ignored, have the potential to lead to limping, inactivity, pain, further injury and irritability.

The Importance Of Paw Protection 365 Days A Year

Winter paw protection needed from snow, ice, and salt.

Direct contact with deicer is dangerous to paws. It can burn the skin and is not safe to be ingested.

Even the most devoted dog lovers are often surprised to discover just how sensitive dog paws are to a variety of everyday outdoor surfaces. It’s true that dogs are naturally meant to walk barefoot, but only on natural surfaces such as grass or dirt.

Asphalt, concrete and paved sidewalks are all forms of unnatural surfaces that require additional paw protection in the summer and winter. During the summer, paved surfaces become incredibly hot—reaching temperatures well over 100℉, plenty hot enough to burn your dog’s paws. In the winter, deicers expose your dog to harsh salts and other chemicals that are very damaging to unprotected paws. While beach sand is a natural surface, running and playing on hot, course sand can also damage your dog’s paws.

How To Heal Damaged Dog Paws

Weathered paws healed with Paw Soother

Paw damage can be reversed by using Paw Soother, a natural herbal-based blend of butters and special plant oils. Not only does Paw Soother provide immediate relief, similarly to humans applying Chap Stick to very dry lips, but it also goes to work healing damaged, cracked and dry paw pads. Most of our customers report a noticeable difference within just a few applications, and that translates to happier dogs everywhere.

Along with applying Paw Soother, it’s important to check over your dog’s paws on a regular basis, especially after they come in from outside. If it’s snowing and there’s potential for deicers to get on their paws, make sure to use a warm moist cloth to wipe paws clean before they come inside.

What about paw protection for extra sensitive dogs?

Sensitive dogs may develop allergies to the environment, provoking greater signs of paw damage. Paw Soother is proven effective on even the most sensitive dogs, and can heal and treat paw issues related to allergies, as well as hyperkeratosis.

How To Provide Paw Protection Against Future Damage

Paw Soother makes dog paws incredibly smooth, but how do you keep them that way? That’s where PawTection comes into play! PawTection is an all-natural blend of waxes and oils. The oils provide healing moisture, while the waxes create a barrier against the elements and your dog’s paws. Compared to putting your dog in doggy shoes, this is a much less invasive way to protect your pup from the elements.

all-natural paw protection

Healthy Paws, thanks to the protection of PawTection

Provide superior paw protection to your pup by purchasing Paw Soother & PawTection in our pawesome PAWdicure Pack!

Both Paw Soother & PawTection are sold individually as well