Top Cold Winter Weather Safety Tips For Dogs

Top Cold Winter Weather Safety Tips For Dogs

Top Cold Winter Weather Safety Tips For Dogs

Don’t let your dog out in the cold without the proper safety precautions!

Dog safety in cold weather is an incredibly important topic all dog owners should be up to date on. How do you plan to keep your dog safe from the cold this winter?

Some dogs are able to withstand much colder temperatures than others, sled dogs for instance are breed with ultra thick coats to fight off the chill, but short-haired dogs are far more susceptible to freezing in the same temperatures. Still, even if your dog has a warm, thick coat they are not 100% immune to cold weather. In this Natural Dog blog we explain how you can protect your dog this winter.

How Much Cold Weather Can Your Canine Handle?

Your pet’s tolerance to winter weather will differ from other dogs, depending on their body fat, coat type, activity level, and overall health.

Certain health conditions can cause your dog to be more susceptible to the cold, such as diabetes, heart disease, hormonal imbalances, or kidney disease. Puppies as well as old dogs are also not as efficient at regulating their body temperatures. Dog safety in cold weather must be personalized to your four-legged friend and their specific needs, as well as the temperatures in your part of the world.


Many dogs enjoy playing in the snow, especially when their nose, paws, and bodies are properly protected.


Safety Tips For Walking Your Dog In The Cold

During the coldest months of the year your dog should ideally be kept inside. Still, dogs require a good amount of exercise, and need to go outside to go potty. When walking dogs in the cold there are things you can do to help protect their most sensitive parts.

How To Protect Your Dog’s Paws In Cold Weather

Your dog’s paws are the first point of contact with the cold, snowy ground, and all 4 of their puffy paw pads get no breaks from the harsh chill. While dog paws are durable, they are not invincible. It’s not just the cold snow that can cause rough, dry paw pads. Ice melting chemicals are routinely poured on snow in many locations, and contain a number of different salts that can cause serious damage to your dog’s paws.


Dog paws require extra special care during the winter months.

Chrystal LeMaster from All Pets Animal Hospital explains, “Chemicals can really irritate your pet’s paws if they remain for a long period of time. Additionally, if your pet licks the salt off the paws, it can cause oral ulcers in severe cases.”

If your dog’s paws are already rough and dry, PawSoother is an all-natural balm you can easily apply. Within days the organic healing power of each carefully sourced ingredient goes to work moisturizing, and rebuilding your dog’s paws so that they are as strong and smooth as can be.

All-natural PawTector is very similar, in that it works to moisturize and soothe paws, but it also provides a barrier protection against the cold, as well as the chemicals found in deicers. Unlike doggy boots, your dog will not even notice they are wearing PawTector, but their paws will have an added layer of protection.

Dogs can lick at PawTector and PawSoother all day long without any adverse effects, but it’s still highly recommended that you clean off their paws after taking your dog for a walk in the cold. This will help prevent the chance they do ingest harmful chemicals found in ice-melting products.

How To Protect Your Dog’s Nose In Cold Weather


A smooth dog nose makes for a happy dog!

Your dog’s nose is their most favorite body part; in fact they use it for just about everything. A dog’s sense of smell is their strongest sense of all. Have you ever noticed how dogs generally have a very wet snout? That’s because this moisture actually helps them pick up more surrounding scents with added clarity. A dry dog nose is not capable of picking up smells the same way, and can actually cause serious discomfort for your dog.

Cold weather is known to dry out your skin, as well as your dog’s skin, including the skin on their nose. Dog noses are especially prone to drying out and becoming irritated if your dog is out playing in the snow. So what should concerned dog owners do to keep their dog’s sensitive nose healthy throughout the winter? The answer is simple: apply all-natural Snout Soother.

Snout Soother is proven to heal dry dog noses within only a few applications of the soothing balm. Snout Soother also provides an extra layer of protection against the elements, meaning it serves a double purpose: healing dry dog noses, as well as protecting noses so they remain smooth and healthy.

Should You Get Clothing For Dogs To Help Them Keep Warm?


Dog clothes are not just for fun and games. Certain doggy outfits help keep out the cold.

Some dogs do not mind wearing sweaters and dog booties, but other dogs would much rather cruise the streets in their birthday suit. If your dog doesn’t mind clothing, sweaters can provide awesome added protection against cold weather.

Some may laugh at dressing up a dog, but when it’s cold outside a comfy, warm jacket can actually benefit your dog’s overall comfort, especially dogs with short hair coats. If your pup is not made for cold weather, a dog jacket is just as helpful to them as you and I. Some dogs are even reluctant to go outside and use the bathroom in the cold, but by applying a warm sweater they might be more willing to step outside.


3 All-Natural Products To Keep Your Dog Safe All Winter

You know your dog better than anyone, depending on genetic makeup and overall health dogs require unique care in order to remain happy, healthy and comfortable all winter long. No matter how healthy your dog is or how thick their fur coat, Natural Dog’s uniquely blended, all-natural products will help your dog enjoy life to the fullest, something dogs truly do best!


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At Natural Dog we are dog gone crazy for canines, which is why we only use the best, all-natural ingredients. After all, our mission is simple: Soothe, Heal, Wag!