Infected Bulldog Tail Pocket? Here’s How to Clean Your Dog’s Tail Pocket the Natural Way

Infected Bulldog Tail Pocket? Here’s How to Clean Your Dog’s Tail Pocket the Natural Way

Infected Bulldog Tail Pocket? Here’s How to Clean Your Dog’s Tail Pocket the Natural Way

A bulldog tail pocket require extra special attention to prevent uncomfortable infections from developing. Not all bulldogs have a tail pocket, or rather a little pocket that their tail comes out of. It can be difficult to tell if a puppy has a tail pocket. You might need to wait until your pup grows a little to know for sure. It is not uncommon for even the most devoted dog lovers to not notice their dog’s tail pocket until after it becomes infected and uncomfortable.

Think about how nasty a belly button smells if it’s never cleaned. Now imagine if your belly button was located near your bum and you didn’t wear any clothes to cover it… one can only imagine how dirty it would get! The same goes for your bulldog’s tail pocket, this tiny space is a welcoming pit stop for dirt, grime, and sweat. When left uncleaned, build up results in inflammation, irritation, and infection.

You can prevent painful inflammation, yeast, and bacterial infections by simply remaining proactive and cleaning your dog’s tail pocket on a regular basis. Here are three tips for success:

Bulldog Tail Pocket Cleaning Tip #1: Clean the area, carefully remove all dirt and debris

Use a moist clean rag or paper towel to gently clean the area, removing dirt until the area is clean. Bulldog tail pockets are sensitive so proceed with extreme caution and a gentle touch. Clean your dog’s tail pocket daily until the infection heals. Thereafter, you can clean your dog’s healthy tail pocket a few times each week to prevent future infections.

Bulldog Tail Pocket Cleaning Tip #2: Thoroughly dry your dog’s tail pocket

After you clean the tail pocket, use a dry cloth to pat dry any moisture that is left behind. If your dog’s tail pocket is wet or even slightly damp, it’s the perfect recipe for bacterial growth and infection. That’s why it’s so important to keep your dog’s tail pocket clean and dry.

Bulldog Tail Pocket Cleaning Tip #3: Apply Wrinkle Balm to prevent future irritations and infections

Bulldog tail pockets are easily infected, that’s why we recommend adding a protective all natural balm to your dog’s tail pocket every day after you clean and dry the area. Wrinkle Balm is the perfect all natural product for the job. It contains antioxidants along with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties.

An infected bulldog tail pocket can cause a great deal of discomfort for your dog. Thankfully, Wrinkle Balm not only helps combat existing and future infections, but also it provides soothing relief the moment it is applied.

Each all-natural and vegan ingredient packed inside of Wrinkle Balm is hand-selected with sensitive bulldogs in mind. Try Wrinkle Balm risk free today!