Is There an All Natural Tear Stain Remover for Dogs?

Is There an All Natural Tear Stain Remover for Dogs?

Is There an All Natural Tear Stain Remover for Dogs?

Looking for an all-natural tear stain remover? You’ve come to the right place!

Dog tear stains are a common problem—I see so many dogs with the classic reddish-brown streaks staining their otherwise picture-perfect faces. Wrinkle Balm is an all-natural tear stain remover that provides additional soothing benefits to your dog’s precious face. Plus, it’s made from carefully sourced ingredients that are safe for sensitive pups.

What Causes Dog Tear Stains?

Your dog’s eyes are outfitted with tiny holes intended to drain away discharge down the throat. If your dog is constantly looking at you with a tear stained face, the natural drainage system is not properly doing its job. But why?

Most commonly tear stains result from improper tear drainage or allergies/irritants in your dog’s environment that cause eyes to produce excess discharge. In addition, there are certain conditions of the eye that can lead to excess drainage, such as eye infections, issues of the eyelashes or eyelids, and glaucoma. A past eye infection or injury may also be to blame, as scar tissue can develop over portions of tear duct passageways.

Even the shape of your dog’s eyes and face can impact tear drainage functionality, hence why certain breeds are more prone to this pesky issue. For instance:

  • Dogs with long hair on their face (especially around the eyes) are more prone to a buildup of discharge.
  • Dogs with shallow eye sockets lack the depth to absorb tears, allowing moisture to spill out onto the fur.
  • Eyelids that turn inward are prone to blockages of drainage holes.

You are more likely to notice tear stains on a lighter colored dog. Short-nosed breeds are more prone to excessive tearing. Facial wrinkles, shallow eye sockets and facial hair can all contribute to the issue as well.

Tear Stain Treatment for Wrinkly Dog Faces

Wrinkly dogs tend to be more prone to a buildup of tear stains because of their face shape. Tears can seep into wrinkles, adding moisture to an environment already prone to infections that can stink worse than your dog’s anal glands! It’s important to clean between wrinkles several times per day to remove moisture and debris and reduce the risk of irritation and bacterial or yeast infection. Wrinkle Balm soothes sensitive skin on contact, simultaneously helping to combat yeast, bacteria, and crusty build up.

Your dog doesn’t have to possess a wrinkly face to benefit from Wrinkle Balm.

Wrinkle Balm to the Rescue! The All Natural Tear Stain Solution

Wrinkle Balm is an effective all-natural tear stain solution. Originally patented to treat irritated, dry, infected, or stinky wrinkles, Wrinkle Balm is also champion at reducing tear stains. Wrinkle Balm helps wipe away pesky tear stains so your pup’s face regains its fresh puppy-like glow. Since tear stains are around the eyes, and the eyes are sensitive, it’s important to apply Wrinkle Balm no closer than ½” from the eye.

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