One Of The Rarest Dogs In The World: All About Campeiro Bulldogs

One Of The Rarest Dogs In The World: All About Campeiro Bulldogs

One Of The Rarest Dogs In The World: All About Campeiro Bulldogs

Have you ever heard of the Campeiro Bulldog? If not, it might be because this short-nosed dog breed is one of the most rare in the world. Until recently only a few Campeiro bulldogs remained, and you’d have to travel vast distances to find one.

Campeiro bulldogs are incredibly loyal, and smart too! They don’t waste much time barking, this breed of bulldog feels brave enough to keep his cool, wearing his stoic and agile body build. While campeiro bulldogs are not very tall, they are big boned, weighing as much as seventy to ninty pounds. The campeiro bulldog is incredibly brave and will do anything for his master and family pack—so much so campeiros lean towards being the jealous type.


Campeiro bulldogs were originally working dogs, breed for stamina and strength to help out around farms in the rural mountains of Brazil.

The campier bulldogs’ ancestors were Old English Bulldogs, who at some point were brought to the rural countryside of Rio Grande do Sul near the border of Santa Catarina in Brazil. It is here that the campeiro bulldog was breed to better met the needs of the local people. Campeiro Bulldog literally translates to “rural bulldog,” in reference to the rural mountains of Brazil. Since the land is hard to navigate and includes long journeys, the campeiro bulldog was breed to be durable, capable of going long distances to fetch cattle, or round up pigs. It’s this dog breeds’ dominant appearance that suits them well when it comes to leading many types of animals. Interestingly, when taller campeiro dogs were breed, the dogs lost their natural skill to hunt prey properly, this got a few dogs injured from high-flying horns and kicking hoofs. Therefore, the shorter size proved better for the breed.

Campeiro bulldogs have a wide strong muzzle that characterizes their adorable face. This dog is so rare because for the longest time only a few existed, all working on rustic farms around slaughterhouses in the mountains of Brazil. That is until Mr. Ralf Schein took an interest in the breed, and decided to embark on an adventure bulldogs everywhere are proud to bark about. While traveling across the mountains in search of the last remaining campeiro bulldogs, Schein encountered many natives that spoke of the campeiro bulldogs admirable persistence and ability to endure long trips without ever tiring out.


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Mr. Schein didn’t need any persuading, he already knew that he adored the bulldog breed and wanted to do something to save them. Once he was able to find some of the last campeiro bulldogs, he began a rescue foundation with a mission to repopulate the breed. The campeiro dogs that Schein was able to uncover are now known as ‘icons’ for this breed, and they include Luma, Alfredo, Rambo, and Sarrago–among a few others. As a responsible breeder, Schein realized that this select group needed new blood for proper breeding, which is why he chose to breed the campeiro with pure breed English bulldogs. Although he was careful only to use bulldogs close in identity to the campeiro, he didn’t want to lose their natural appeal—on the contrary, Mr. Schein has worked tirelessly to preserve the natural beauty of the unique camperio bulldog.


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At first sight one might be intimidated by the powerful stance of the campeiro bulldog, but upon getting to know one you will see just how sweet and loving they are. So long as no one tries to challenge the campeiro dog, they are calm and collected. That doesn’t mean the campeiro is a bully by any means, if you are their established leader they are not likely to challenge you, this breed is too loyal a canine for that.

The campeiro bulldog is relatively slight on complications, and able to adapt to many climates. Some campeiros from Schein’s rescue mission have been relocated to homes all the way in Alaska, where life is far different than in Brazil. Although, turns out they do just fine in freezing climates too!

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