So Puging Cute! All About Pugs

So Puging Cute! All About Pugs

So Puging Cute! All About Pugs

February’s featured Natural Dog breed is all about Pugs. For Pug lovers everywhere, learn more about this adorable dog; including, how you can keep their prominent pug nose healthy.


Pugs are incredibly loving and give lots of kisses. If a dry, chapped pug nose is bothering your dog, all-natural Snout Soother can help!

Pugs are adorable companion pets; they are small enough to cuddle on the couch with, and cute enough to cause hysterical laughter. These dogs are little height-wise, but they have thick bodies, a massive head, and a prominent muzzle. So cute in fact, pugs’ moles and wrinkles are considered beauty marks as opposed to blemishes. Pugs come with either apricot, black, brown, or gray coat colors—although variety in shade and markings can be extensive, setting every little pug apart in their own unique way.


One of our Natural Dog celebrities, Buddy Love the Pug looking rather stately in his Burberry scarf and flower-power top hat! You can befriend Buddy Love the Pug on Facebook by clicking here.

Did you know that Pugs are one of the oldest known dog breeds around the world? Since before 400 BC the pug has been taking peoples’ hearts captive. These dogs have Chinese origins and are considered a part of the Toy group, although there are multiple theories about the specific lineage of pugs. Some think they are descendants of the Pekingese, while others think they originated from the miniature bulldog, and still others say it is the small French Mastiff. Pugs became very popular during the 19th Century Victorian era, even Tibetan monasteries were known to have pugs for pets. When the breed spread out to Japan and Europe its popularity really sky rocketed, in fact Pugs become a royal pet considered the official dog for the House of Orange in Holland.

Pugtastic Qualities Every Pug Lover Adores


Gretta Rose from Pugs and Kisses shows off how heartwarming the simple sight of a pug can be! Follow Pugs and Kisses on Facebook by clicking here.

Pugs can be high energy and are good for a lot of laughs, but they don’t tend to overexcite as similarly sized dogs can. Pugs are notoriously known as good watchdogs, but that doesn’t mean they bark all day. Instead, they pick and choose what they bark about, one of the reasons their watchdog techniques are reliable. Pugs are so very smart, they thrive with a calm owner that uses consistent training tactics and speaks with a kind voice, offering more praise than punishment. Pugs are people-pleasers and don’t wish to be yelled at often. Although beware if they know they can get away with bad behavior, they will. If you don’t show your pug who is boss they have a tendency to take on these responsibilities themselves, causing them to display signs of jealousy and over-protective traits, such as guarding over certain furniture with too much intensity. For some, disciplining a cute little pug is tricky, but keep in mind that dogs want a leader, because this makes them feel safe.

While a chubby pug might make you chuckle, pugs don’t need any extra weight on their frame or else health problems can arise. Since these pawsome pups will eat until their bellies might explode, pug owners must be careful how much they feed their pug. Exercise is important, but walks must be approached with caution, try not to go out at the hottest time of the day, since Pugs are sensitive to heat. Also, if you hear your pug wheezing or having difficulty breathing they have had too much physical activity and need to stop immediately.

A Pug Might Save Your Life

Cute, smart, and a great companion, Pugs are also incredible watchdogs that have saved a few lives and aided a few famous names throughout history. Josephine Bonaparte, Napoleon Bonaparte’s wife, had a pug of her own named Fortune. On the first night of her wedding to Napoleon she reportedly refused to sleep in their bed unless Napoleon agreed her pug could sleep in their bed as well. Later, when Josephine was sent to jail, she used her devoted little dog to send messages to her husband, slipping notes beneath his collar. Then there’s Prince William II who owes his life to one of his pug watchdogs who warned him of approaching Spaniards in 1572.

Is A Pet Pug Right For You?


Pugs are a sensitive dog breed, they require a certain level of pampering. As you can see in this picture, pugs need plenty of cold weather protection, and still they say: it’s woofing cold! For more adorable pug pictures, follow Pugs and Kisses on Facebook by clicking here.

There’s nothing more loving than a pug, but with all of the love and laughter they provide there are a few things one should consider before buying a pug of their own. For starters, pugs require extra special attention and need more pampering than other pet dogs. Pugs are not outdoor dogs and shouldn’t be expected to spend any majority of time outdoors, as they are susceptible to overheating, and equally sensitive to the cold. Pugs love to share the bed with you, if you are you a light sleeper you might want to invest in some earplugs; pugs are known to snore very loudly! Thankfully, Snore Stop, our homeopathic nasal spray for dogs, can help stop dogs from snoring.

Snout Soother For Sensitive Pugs

At Natural Dog we adore pugs and are proud to help them everyday! Their extra sensitivities mean they are also more prone to skin allergies and conditions, including a sore, flakey, or chapped pug nose. All of the creases that adorn a pug’s face can get full of dirt and cause irritation, dry dog nose, and even bacteria growth. Snout Soother helps make cleaning a pugs’ face wrinkles easy and the specially formulated ingredients prevent the formation of bacteria. The best part? Since Snout Soother is 100% natural even the most sensitive dogs can enjoy its healing benefits without potentially negative side effects, this is especially helpful for allergy prone pugs.

If you love pugs as much as we do, see what Snout Soother can do for the pug of your eye. At Natural Dog, our mission is to save the world, one snout at a time!