Wrinkles Never Looked So Good: All About English Bulldogs

Wrinkles Never Looked So Good: All About English Bulldogs

Wrinkles Never Looked So Good: All About English Bulldogs

English bulldogs are incredibly sweet family dogs that carry a rather shocking history. These sturdy looking canines might appear fierce, but they are gentle bullies with many sensitivities. At Natural Dog we have helped many English bulldogs discover relief from dry, crusty, dog noses thanks to our all-natural dog balm, Snout Soother. This month we discuss characteristics, history, and health related to this amazing breed of dog.


English bulldog puppies are absolutely adorable! Their wrinkly little bodies are just perfect for cuddling.

There are few things cutter than a wrinkly English bulldog puppy! As these dogs grow they still keep their same adorable and unique qualities, such as a droopy lip and a common under bite, but it’s not just their appearance that makes them so popular, they also have awesome dispositions. While the English bulldog’s massive square jaw might intimidate some, they are known as one of the most gentle dog breeds. The English bulldog is a great family dog, as they do well with children, and they are also dedicated watchdogs. Protective and loyal, these buff bullies will guard their loved ones without any hesitation.

English Bulldog Characteristics

As anyone with a bulldog knows, they can be extremely persistent when it comes to securing what they want, in fact some can become fairly dominate. So while English bulldogs require a lot of attention and love, they also need consistent discipline to make sure they don’t develop any bad habits—such as thinking they rule the house. Consistent exercise is also important, such as a daily walk, to help prevent canine behavioral issues from arising. As young pups, the English bulldog can be full of energy, but if you are dealing with a hyper bulldog puppy you can rest assured that with age all bulldogs begin to calm down.


Is your bulldog full of hyper energy? As the English bulldog ages they will naturally start to calm down.

English bulldogs come in a variety of colors including fawn, yellow, red, white, and numerous shades of brindle. Although there is no standard height for a bulldog, shorter bulldogs are preferred in the show arena. They typically range in weight between 40-55 pounds, with males being larger, especially in America as compared to the UK. Despite the fact some weigh-in around 50 pounds, this breed still prefers to sit right in your lap like a small dog.

English Bulldog History


This little English bulldog doesn’t look like a fighter– we can’t even imagine him picking a fight with a bull! Thankfully, the English bulldog’s bull-fighting days are long over.

Paintings and written references of English bulldogs can be found as far back as the 1500’s, at which time their name was spelled bolddogge or bondogge. It wasn’t until 1631, that the modern day spelling and pronunciation of ‘English Bulldog’ became official. Originating from the Asiatic mastiff, the English bulldog is originally from the British Isles. Back in the day, these dogs were used for bull baiting and breeders thought they looked like bulls, hence how they became the English bulldog. At this time bulldogs were raised to be vicious and were trained to attack full-grown bulls. The bulldog capable of bringing a bull down first was crowned the winner, as any dog lover can imagine this was horrifying and caused many bulldogs to be injured and even die. We are so happy this sport was outlawed in the 19th century; at which time breeders began working to breed out the aggressive tendencies these dogs needed for their bull fighting days. Within the span of a few generations, the English bulldog started to act like the dogs we know and love today. No longer the same temperamental attack-dogs their ancestors were breed to be, they now make some of the best family pets.

English Bulldog Maintenance: Keeping Your Dog Healthy & Happy


Did you know a dry, crusty bulldog nose can cause your dog pain? Soothe their discomfort and heal their bulldog nose with Snout Soother.

On average, English bulldogs live around 8-10 years, although with a certain amount of genetics, luck, and dedicated care you can keep your bulldog alive for as long as possible. The largest cause of bulldog deaths is due to cardiac issues, being aware of their short nose and their tendency to overheat is adamant, these are not outdoor dogs and they shouldn’t be left in the heat for any extended period of time. While in some instances the English bulldog can be high maintenance, they are very easy to groom with their short coat that doesn’t tend to shed too much. Bulldogs are notorious for having skin ailments though, one of their many sensitivities that must be addressed in order to keep your English bulldog happy and healthy. With so many wrinkles along their face it’s important to clean between these folds regularly, otherwise dirt builds up and skin irritation can occur.

Snout Soother soothes and heals conditions related to a rough, dry English Bulldog nose and nose folds. Our all-natural soothing dog balm is completely safe for even the most sensitive English bulldogs, plus it works quickly, it will start moisturizing and healing after only one application. Your bulldog loves and adores you, show him or her just how much you love them back by purchasing Snout Soother.

We know your beloved English bulldog will thank you, after all our all-natural product is made especially for dogs. Our mission is simple: Soothe, Heal, Wag.