Dog Distractions: Creative Ways to Apply Snout Soother to your Dog's Nose

Dog Distractions: Creative Ways to Apply Snout Soother to your Dog's Nose

Dog Distractions: Creative Ways to Apply Snout Soother to your Dog's Nose

So, you purchased Snout Soother and can’t wait for your precious pooch to experience the amazing benefits of this balm for dry cracked noses. But, what about your dog? No amount of sweet-talking or trickery can fool my dog when it comes to applying any sort of “treatment” (this includes baths) to any part of his/her body – especially the nose! The resulting duel often involves wrangling, wiggling, squirming, tangling and twisting ourselves into exhaustion and/or submission.

Thankfully, Snout Soother’s natural ingredients and omission of fragrance won’t annoy your dog’s highly sensitive smell. Though application of this moisturizing nose balm, or any product, may cause your dog to initially resist and react. This resistance is completely natural. After all, your dog’s nose is covered in sensitive nerve endings and is especially sensitive when dry, chapped, cracked, crusty or even bleeding.

So, what does a loving, well-intentioned dog owner do when attempting to apply Snout Soother? DISTRACT, DISTRACT, DISTRACT! This is absolutely essential if you want to achieve optimal healing results for your dog’s painful nose. Snout Soother contains carrier oils that will do their job of penetrating the skin with nourishing and healing ingredients in only a few minutes. Just a few minutes will do the trick!

Check out our favorite distraction techniques below!


Treat your dog’s taste buds and nose at the same time! What dog doesn’t eagerly hyper focus as they happily await a treat? Take advantage of the positive mental association and hyper focus (a.k.a. distraction) when applying Snout Soother.

Prepare by placing the appropriate amount of Snout Soother on finger of one hand. Hold a treat(s) in the other hand. After a moment or two of smelling, yearning and coveting the impending deliciousness, feed treat while quickly swiping Snout Soother to your dog’s dry nose. Typically, I like to quickly follow up with another treat to limit attempts to lick off the treatment.


Toy loving dogs will easily fall for this Snout Soother distraction! Once again, prepare by placing needed amount of Snout Soother on finger of one hand, then hold a beloved or new tug toy, chew toy, or (my dog’s personal favorite) squeaking plush toy in other hand. Begin by actively playing with dog. Really get your dog to engage whether this requires a good game of tug or moving toy around. Once engaged, quickly sweep balm across pet’s nose. Your dog will be joyful unaware of the product application as they gleefully tug, chew and squeak their current object of attention.


The holy grail of all doggie affection is the BELLY RUB. At some point (or many points) in a dog’s life, they will coyly roll over, legs up, belly exposed, beckoning, pleading for someone – anyone – to rub that soft furry doggie tummy. Only a belly rub can lull your pup into calm, hypnotic contentment. Which makes it the perfect time to apply Snout Soother to your dog’s nose! Begin, by simply rubbing your pup’s belly. As your dog becomes more and more relaxed, apply Snout Soother directly to your dog’s nose with one hand while other hand continues with the hallowed belly rub. BUT, the belly rub doesn’t cease once our amazing nose balm is applied! Give your sweet pup another few minutes of prime belly rubbing time. They deserve it (and so do their painful noses).

Distractions not only promote dog’s positive association with Snout Soother but they also give you a great excuse to take time with your best dog friend. Experiment and play with what works best for you and your dog!

Snout Soother is the perfect all natural balm for dogs noses that offers the perfect blend of organic, natural vegan and cruelty free ingredients. No more discoid lupus in dogs, hyperkeratosis, crusty nose, dry dog nose, just to mention a few. Healthy pups are happy pups… your dog will thank you!

Our mission is to save the world one snout at a time, so how are you saving your precious snouts? We would love to hear your favorite Snout Soother application tips and tricks! Please share your ideas with us!