What Do I Do If My Dog Licks Off Snout Soother?

What Do I Do If My Dog Licks Off Snout Soother?

What Do I Do If My Dog Licks Off Snout Soother?

“But it tastes so good!” Dogs like to lick just about everything, the important thing is making sure they don’t have access to lick any harmful ingredients.

One of the most common questions we get from our customers is: what do I do if my dog licks Snout Soother off?

If you love your dogs as much as we do, you probably get worried when you find them licking (or full on eating) a lot of things. How many times have you found your dog going through the trash? As you try and clean up the left behind mess you are picking your brain, what was in here? Did I throw away any glass or chocolate this week? Thankfully, dogs tend to be more durable than we give them credit for. That doesn’t mean they are immune to toxins, many dog products claim to help your dog but overtime the listed ingredients can actually cause health problems to arise.

We don’t want you to worry for even one moment if your dog licks off Snout Soother, even if it happens again and again! Dog health and safety are top priorities around here, which is why we carefully source every last ingredient that goes into each product. With ingredients like sweet almond oil, natural vitamin E and shea nut butter, Snout Soother is just as healthy for your dog’s delicate insides as it is for his dry dog nose!

snoutsootheringredientsIt’s perfectly natural for your dog to lick at Snout Soother. For starters, dogs like to get a taste of everything, and of course one lick is never enough. If your dog licks off Snout Soother he will be completely fine, and so long as Snout Soother has enough time to soak in, it will still be able to get its job done. Right when Snout Soother is applied, the healing ingredients begin to absorb and go to work. These first few minutes are the most important time to distract your dog from licking at Snout Soother. Try distracting your dog for 5-10 minutes after you apply Snout Soother with treats, tricks, or games.

While the Snout Soother begins to soak in, pull out your dog’s favorite toy, nothing distracts dogs better than a game of tug-of-war or go-fetch. If your dog isn’t about to let a silly ball or chew toy distract him from licking at Snout Soother, try and outsmart him with a bone or other treat. Your dog is sure to want a juicy bone over Snout Soother, although if you’ve got a chubby pup you might not want to feed him every time you apply the soothing dog balm. Another way to distract your dog is with attention, dogs love kisses and cuddles. By talking to your pup, petting him, and providing a loving distraction, Snout Soother has the chance to soak in before your dog’s curious tongue gets a chance to attack!


Yum, what is that on my paw? It is Paws-itively delicious! At least you don’t have to worry when your dog licks at all-natural Snout Soother for dry dog noses!

If your pup starts to lick at Snout Soother the moment all distractions come to an end, he won’t be able to get all off it off at this point. The soothing ingredients have already had a chance to properly soak in. Since Snout Soother is 100% safe and natural, you can re-apply it as many times as you need throughout the day. The best time to apply Snout Soother is right before bed, not only is your dog about to fall asleep but at night the body goes to work healing and repairing. During sleep Snout Soother has the greatest opportunity to assist in the healing of your dog’s dry nose.

Your dog’s nose is so important, it allows him to smell everything around him and interoperate what’s going on. When a dry dog nose persists, the strength of your dog’s nose can become compromised. Plus, the dry and flaking chunks associated with dry dog noses can cause pain and discomfort–something no dog deserves. Getting Snout Soother on your dog’s nose is important for more than just aesthetic reasons.

Day or night, if your dog licks at his Snout Soother you can simply kiss him atop the head and know, at least he’s ingesting some of the worlds most soothing and healthy ingredients. Our mission is simple, saving the world on snout at a time!