Before and After Snout Soother Reviews (with pictures)

Before and After Snout Soother Reviews (with pictures)

Before and After Snout Soother Reviews (with pictures)

Customer pictures and reviews show what happens after Snout Soother is applied to dry crusty dog noses

Did you know that around 10,000 people search for “Snout Soother” each month? There’s a lot of buzz surrounding this all natural dog nose balm. For one, it can soothe and treat everything from dry and cracked noses, to more severe dog nose conditions such as hyperkeratosis. Plus, it’s vegan, all natural and made from carefully sourced ingredients. We can say it works great all day long, but don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at some recent Snout Soother reviews.

“Just after 3 days of using Snout Soother I noticed a significant change in my dog’s dry, crusty nose.”-Andrea from Windsor, Canada

Before and After Snout Soother Review #1: Meet Tandrea

Andrea’s dog Tandrea is feeling sharper than ever with her smooth, moist and healthy nose. Now that her nose is no longer cracked and dry, she can thoroughly enjoy all the smells of life. “I’m very happy with the product, especially because it is natural and vegan,” writes Andrea. “I will definitely be recommending it to all my friends and family.”

Tandrea’s nose before & after Snout SootherExcellent Product - Snout Soother

Tara’s Nose is No Longer Dry & Crusty

Pre-Snout Soother, Tara was a skittish rescue dog with a crusty build up plaguing her nose. Luckily, her new life isn’t so scary, in fact it’s full of love, and she has a healed nose! Tara’s humom Victoria writes, “We got Tara from a rescue in January. She had this crusty stuff on her nose which appeared to be starting to occupy her left nostril.”

After taking Tara to the vet, Victoria was told that it wasn’t that severe. But Victoria didn’t believe that for one minute, “for us it was extremely concerning at that point.”

So, she did what any devoted dog mommy would… she went on the hunt for a solution via That’s where she stumbled upon Natural Dog Company and Snout Soother.

“I knew I didn’t want anything that could potentially make her sick because of ingesting it. That’s why I chose to try, Snout Soother. It’s only been 2 weeks of daily use and her dry nose is almost completely healed! So happy Snout Soother worked so well for my dog’s dry and crusty nose!”

Tara’s nose before & after Snout Soothercrusty stuff

Bulldogs are Some of Snout Soother’s Biggest Fans

Bulldogs and other brachycephalic dog breeds are more prone to nose and skin ailments due to their short snouts and adorable wrinkles. Meet Bailey, an English bulldog from Conshohocken, Pennsylvania who used to suffer from a dry crusty nose that bothered her to the point she didn’t want anyone touching it.

“Our bully constantly has a dry nose throughout the winter months. It is obvious that it irritates her as it is very sensitive to the touch. We got our order on a Friday, and we applied the Snout Soother once to her nose. We applied Snout Soother once again on Saturday and already saw a difference by Sunday morning! Her nose is silky to the touch and does not bother her anymore.”

Bailey’s nose before and after Snout Soother

Winter Nose


Where to Buy Snout Soother?

You can buy Snout Soother directly through Natural Dog Company, here.

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