Dogue de Bordeaux's Dry Nose Cured in Three Days!

Dogue de Bordeaux's Dry Nose Cured in Three Days!

Dogue de Bordeaux's Dry Nose Cured in Three Days!

Meet Moose! He’s a busy dog always playing with the kids, going for rides in the truck, eating watermelon, or playing in the snow; around his house, Moose is the man. Despite all of the good times, Moose has suffered from a dry, crusty dog nose that continually flaked off in chunks. After being diagnosed with hyperkeratosis, a condition common to Dogues de Bordeaux, his loving family didn’t know what to do, and nothing they tried seemed to work!

Approaching his third birthday, Moose’s family decided to try something new: they ordered Natural Dog Company Snout Soother. Unsure what would happen at first, they spread a nice thick layer of the all-natural balm across Moose’s nose—what happened next some might call a “miracle.”

After only three days of applying Snout Soother to his poor, cracked nose, his snout become moist, smooth, and normal looking! The best part? Day 3 just happened to be Moose’s birthday—and what better surprise for his special dog day than having a fully-functional nose cured from hyperkeratosis. Happy Birthday Moose!

A dry, cracking dog nose can cause a whole litter of problems, at times it might even seem like there is no hope or cure for the flaking chunks that fall from your dog’s nose. Moose’s family can relate, they couldn’t believe their eyes when almost instantly Moose’s nose began to appear moisturized and healthy.

Dogue de Bordeaux dry nose cured


Hyperkeratosis is what he has…All I have to say is that MIRACLES ARE HAPPENING! Day 3 and we are seeing shocking results. I’m sure we won’t be able to live without Snout Soother. You have made me a believer! I’m going to be spreading the word about this miracle product.

Best of all, today marks Moose’s 3rd birthday…day one of a healthy, radiant snout!”