The PawTection Challenge: Protecting Paws, One Pup at a Time

The PawTection Challenge: Protecting Paws, One Pup at a Time

The PawTection Challenge: Protecting Paws, One Pup at a Time

I can’t tell you how many dogs I meet with rough paw pads. It’s as if the world has decided rough paw pads are fine, in fact normal…but they’re not. Walking on hot asphalt or running like an animal along the beach, there are SO many different reasons dogs end up with rough, dry and damaged paw pads. Most can be avoided by adding a layer of protection between your dog’s paws and the ground.

PawTection is an all-natural vegan and organic balm that acts as a protective barrier agains the elements, including sand, snow, hot asphalt, and so forth. We are on a mission to protect as many paws as we can, that’s why we launched The PawTection Challenge!

We asked some of the world’s most beloved dogs to give PawTection a try, and they doggone LOVED the results. The pawesome pups that participated in our challenge experienced smoother healthier paws within just 7 days. We’ll be sharing their before and after images over the next weeks, starting with @maska_the_husky, @SpottedAngels, and @rubytheboxerdog.

Maska @maska_the_husky

With over 95,000 Instagram followers, it’s clear to see the world has fallen paws over tail for Maska, an adorable husky that lives in Toronto, Canada. With so many Instagramers just waiting for their daily dose of entertainment, Maska stays very busy. Since he spends a lot of time on his paws, we knew he was the perfect Canadian candidate to join our PawTection Challenge.

Maska’s humom Nancy writes:

We had great experience participating in the 7-day PawTection challenge”. The improvement to Maska’s right paw really impressed us after continually applying PawTection before heading outdoors for walks, adventures, etc. these past 7 days. On day 8, his right paw is noticeably – and I’d say even dramatically – softer and more moisturized than the left paw, which we didn’t apply PawTection to.

–Nancy & Maska

Maska’s paws after using PawTection for 7 days:

pawtection challenge

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Ruby @RubyTheBoxerDog

Meet Ruby, a fun-loving boxer causing chaos in the English countryside. Take one look at Ruby’s Instagram and it’s clear to see just how active this pup truly is. She loves playing fetch on the beach, in the mud, or just about anywhere, which causes her paws to wear out. “This was the perfect test for Ruby, as she loves to run and climb which leads to her pads becoming rough and worn.”

Ruby’s rough paws before & after:

“We applied this only to her right paws and noticed quite the difference. The paws that were left untreated looked dry and cracked whereas her right paws became soft and appeared much smoother.”

“We have used various paw soothers in the past and they tend to leave a greasy mark on the furniture. We’ve not had this problem and after sure the PawTection soother is rubbed into her pads, they absorb quickly leaving a soft waxy appearance. Not only do we love this soother but the stick applicator is so easy to use and is no fuss!”

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Rocky @SpottedAngels

Rocky is a rescue Great Dane living in Texas. The toughest thing about this gentle giant was his “big old scratchy paws,” and so we invited him to join our PawTection Challenge. Rocky spends a lot of time doing charity work, visiting local hospitals, schools, nursing homes, and so forth. Not only did Rocky’s paws soften and heal, but as a bonus, “he didn’t slide as much on the hard floors when we visited the hospital as a therapy team.”

Rocky’s rough paws before:

pawtection challenge

Rocky’s paws after using PawTection for 7 days:

pawtection challenge

“My first impressions after using the roll on stick are that this stuff is GREAT! It smells wonderful, he enjoyed the process of rubbing it into his pads, it didn’t feel overly greasy on my own hands and it definitely made his big old scratchy paws softer.”

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Let your dog experience the all-natural pawesome power of PawTection! If you are unsatisfied for any reason, we offer a money back guarantee.