Dry, Cracked English Bulldog Nose? Tugg Provides Answers

Dry, Cracked English Bulldog Nose? Tugg Provides Answers

Dry, Cracked English Bulldog Nose? Tugg Provides Answers

Once upon a time, Tugg the English Bulldog had a very dry, cracked dog nose. Tugg’s devoted owner tried for years to heal and moisturize Tugg’s bulldog nose, but all to no avail. Thankfully one of our ads for all-natural Snout Souther reached Ashley via Facebook, granting Tugg the dry dog nose remedy he needed all along.

This week we are proud to share yet another Snout Soother success story. Here is Ashley’s testimonial about her sweet English Bulldog named Tugg.

“I’m definitely sold and will never use anything else . . . ” -Ashley Baudler on Snout Soother.


Tugg is one super cute English Bulldog, but as you can see in this picture he used to always get a dry, chapped dog nose.

“Hello my name is Ashley and I recently purchased your product because I saw an advertisement on Facebook. I have an English bulldog and I’ve struggled for years to get his nose healed from being dry, cracked and chapped. I’ve been using your product for almost 2 weeks and I’ve seen remarkable progress! I’ve been telling all of my friends to use your product. I’m definitely sold and will never use anything else for my baby’s nose.”

-Ashley Baudler, Rockport, Indiana

before and after Snout Soother

Before and After Snout Soother: Pictured at top is Tugg’s nose before Snout Soother. The bottom photo shows Tugg’s new chap-free dog nose thanks to our all-natural dog balm, Snout Soother.

We are so happy to hear about Ashley’s pawesome results using Snout Soother, we are woof-woof wild about our customers and their beloved pets. Just like any company, we want to make sales to stay in business, but more importantly we want to help dogs just like Tugg all over the world. After all, our motto is simple: Soothe, Heal, Wag!

Finding a canine dry nose remedy is a must, dogs with chapped, cracking dog noses often experience discomfort, along with a lack of smell (you dog’s favorite and most trustworthy sense).

Our customers continually send us amazing photo testimonials of their four-legged friends, once plagued by dry dog nose conditions, they now live a healthy life with a moist, wet, healthy dog nose. 

Give your furry friend the dry dog nose remedy they need, purchase Snout Soother here.