Intertrigo Treatment: Wrinkle Balm Before & After Review

Intertrigo Treatment: Wrinkle Balm Before & After Review

Intertrigo Treatment: Wrinkle Balm Before & After Review

Your dog’s wrinkles make him or her uniquely adorable, but they also present the risk for painful irritations associated with skin fold disease, technically known as Intertrigo. If you notice red, irritated, swollen or crusty skin between wrinkles, your dog needs soothing relief, and fast!

Our specially formulated all-natural Wrinkle Balm provides an organic and safe intertrigo treatment. It’s gentle enough for the most sensitive dogs, but tough enough to battle away yeast, bacteria and that notorious crusty buildup.

Along with intertrigo treatment, Wrinkle Balm also provides soothing relief, treatment and prevention from:

  • Skin fold dermatitis
  • Yeast and bacterial infections
  • Irritated, red, chaffed or inflamed skin
  • Crusty buildup
  • Sores, pimples and scabs
  • Itchy, flaky skin
  • Hair loss or baldness
  • Unpleasant odor

Wrinkle Balm acts like a miracle worker for everything from a terrible smelling face causing noticeable itching, to inflamed and infected wrinkles. It fills our hearts with joy to know our product is helping improve the quality of life for so many dogs.

Don’t just take our word for it. Meet Sugar!

Sugar’s Story: Treating Intertrigo

Sugar is an adorable English bulldog from Pueblo West, Colorado. As cute as she may be, she’s no stranger to infected wrinkles. Even with good care Sugar began to show signs of irritation between the wrinkles on her face. Her concerned hooman went to work trying to find a solution.

Lucky for Sugar, we were one step ahead with our all-natural Wrinkle Balm.

Just one day after applying the balm to Sugar’s wrinkles the results started to show, and within days Sugar’s wrinkles were completely healed.

Sugar’s mom writes:

“As any English Bulldog owner knows, it is so important to keep your dog’s wrinkles clean or they can get ugly – quick. Sugar’s wrinkles became very red, inflamed and irritated looking. I tried lots of ointments and nothing worked. I thought I’d give the Wrinkle Balm a try before making a trip to the vet. I ordered the Wrinkle Balm and almost overnight I saw results. I continued to put the product on every day in Sugar’s wrinkles and it no longer looks infected. The product smells great and doesn’t seem to bother Sugar one bit. I have already told my friend’s who own dogs about this product and cannot wait to purchase more.”


Wrinkle Balm will quickly become your favorite household go-to. As our customers often discover, it’s not just good for irritated or infected wrinkles. Jenn G. writes, “In addition to being super soothing for all of my dogs scratches and little topical irritations, this wrinkle bomb is fantastic on my dry cuticles.”

What Causes Intertrigo?

Skin fold irritation is a type of dermatitis that only impacts skin folds. Directly caused by friction, Intertrigo is made worse by moisture and heat. If it is not treated it will only get worse, creating pain, itchiness and discomfort for your dog. Not only can the skin become irritated but it can also become infected with yeast and other forms of bacteria.

Paws Down, The Best Intertrigo Treatment Out There!

Natural Dog Company is made up of real life dog lovers. All of us share the same overarching goal: To help as many dogs as possible all around the world. We feel so fortunate to help dogs like Sugar find relief from canine skin problems.

The dogs that tend to develop skin irritations are more sensitive, which is why we only use carefully sourced ingredients that are 100% natural. You can apply Wrinkle Balm with confidence that your dog will thank you later.

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