Snout Soother Treats Theo’s Canine Hyperkeratosis!

Snout Soother Treats Theo’s Canine Hyperkeratosis!

Snout Soother Treats Theo’s Canine Hyperkeratosis!

Dealing with a dry dog nose? One that seems to persist no matter what you do; is your dog’s nose so dry it is falling off in chunks? Theo, the French bulldog, displayed a dry, crusty dog nose his entire 3 years of life, leaving his owners completely stumped. It might surprise dog owners that even a trip to the vet might not deliver answers, as all too often hyperkeratosis goes undiagnosed and untreated. Here we provide answers how to naturally treat canine hyperkeratosis with Snout Soother.


Meet Theo! This cute little French bulldog has a perfect, flake-free canine nose now, but he was once bothered by hyperkeratosis. Thanks to Snout Soother, the all-natural soothing dog balm, your dog can find the same relief from hyperkeratosis as Theo!

Hyperkeratosis can develop on a dog’s nose or paws, causing the skin to appear dry, brittle, and often flake off in big, alarming chunks. Sometimes known as canine nasal callus, hyperkeratosis is stereotypically seen in older dogs although young pups (like Theo) are often plagued by this condition as well. In order to treat hyperkeratosis you want to soften your canine’s nose; our specially formulated and all-natural dog product, Snout Soother, does just that, relieving dogs like Theo of hyperkeratosis for good!

When Theo’s dry French bulldog nose just wouldn’t get better, his parents decided to do some research online where they thankfully discovered Snout Soother and decided to give it a try. The results have been nothing short of amazing; here is Theo’s testimonial about Snout Soother and how it treats his canine hyperkeratosis.

“Improvement in Theo’s nose within the first few days….”

“Theo is our 3 1/2 year old French Bulldog. He has had this condition, which we now know to be hyperkeratosis, since we got him, but were never able to figure out what it was or what we needed to do about it. Several vets we visited had no answers but suggested putting a warm compress on it several times a day, which didn’t seem to ever help. It didn’t seem to bother him, so we were not ever that concerned about it. But recently after doing a little more online research we came across your product and decided to order it to see if it might help. And it worked amazingly well! We saw improvement in Theo’s nose in the first 2 days. The dryed out, horn like crusting on his dry nose just seemed to start breaking apart on day 2 and we were able to wipe it away and find a very healthy pink nose underneath. He doesn’t seem to mind when we put the Snout Soother on and we’re just hopeful maybe he’s feeling a little bit better not having such a dried out nose! Thanks so much for such a wonderful product!”

-AJ Maxwell 
Denver, CO


Here are the before and after Snout Soother pictures of Theo’s nose. As you can see in the left image, his nose was dry and crusty, breaking off in brittle chunks. In the right image you can see how moist and healthy Theo’s dog nose looks now that his hyperkeratosis has been treated!


Many dogs have hyperkeratosis, and Theo isn’t the only dog to go undiagnosed with this disorder for so long. If your four-legged buddy is displaying a rough, chapped, flaking dog nose that won’t go away Snout Soother can help. We are serious dog lovers around here and so we don’t take our job lightly, our goal is to soothe, heal, and treat dogs all over the globe so that they can have the best barking life possible.

At Natural Dog we are so thankful to our customers who give us the opportunity to prove our all-natural line of dog products truly work! While Theo didn’t display any obvious signs of pain with his hyperkeratosis, many dogs do experience pain and even loss of smell if their nose becomes too dry or flaky. After using Snout Soother, many dog owners report that their dog has a happier disposition, no longer bothered by constant discomfort. For hyperkeratosis, or any other dry dog nose condition, you can give your dog the natural soothing relief they deserve with Snout Soother.